Astrological Observation Deck

Want the best Stargazing experience?

The X-Deck has been changing the way industries manage safety and production in the workplace for over 10+ years. However, the industries we continue to impact are widespread and unique in their own way. Whether we are reducing dose in a nuclear facility, increasing productivity in an aircraft hangar, or providing a more convenient means to access heavy machinery in manufacturing environment, the X-Deck has yet to meet an application or requirement that it hasn’t been able to fill.

Among the unique uses of our safety work platforms, an Astrology group that uses platform ladders and elevated platforms to erect expensive high-tech Dobsonian telescopes in the middle of the night to observe and study the stars and planets in our infinite galaxy, has also found a use for the X-Deck platform.

If you are familiar with stargazing and sight-seeing, then you are probably familiar with the atmospheric seeing problems that arise just a few feet in front of the telescope. Objects that obstruct the path of sight, light pollution, viewing clarity, etc. are all common frustrations that one can experience when night viewing the stars and planets on ground level. Since much poor seeing hugs the ground, a typical reaction is the adoption of using an elevated observing platform to counter these issues . A telescope is likely to show the stars and planets more sharply if you can get it up just a few feet closer to them.

Since there is no single solution to the atmospheric problems that arise when stargazing, there has been quite a bit of discussion among stargazing groups about which raised/elevated observation platform works best for the occasion.  While some hobbyists may create a DIY platform that meets their particular needs, the majority of platforms do not offer the necessary deck space to fit the heavy and bulky equipment on top of (along with its user), as well as provide a portable and safe option that is easily transported in the back of a truck, or carried by one person to the top of a hill.

That was the case until stargazing groups began to discover the X-Deck safety work platform. Our platform has been featured at Observation Conferences and meetings around the U.S., as well as featured on the front page of stargazing forums and websites. Our 36” double wide platform with the modular cage handrails is able to provide the necessary deck space to fit one of these large Dobsonian telescopes on top of, along with the observer, while still providing comfort and safety that gives the user one less thing to worry about when looking out into the stars and space. With capabilities such as adjustable height settings, and a built in ladder, the X-Deck is able to make the stargazing easy and convenient. The benefit that most groups and individuals seem to enjoy the most is the fact that the X-Deck is made from a high-grade aluminum compound that makes it incredibly strong but lightweight, making it extremely easy for one individual to carry along with their telescope, as well as transport it in the back of a truck for the nights they want to travel to the darkest and quietest spots to get the best stargazing experience.

If you would like more information on how the X-Deck has become the number one choice among stargazers, and astrological hobbyists alike, feel free to contact us or request a brochure.