Choosing the Right Platform Review

Choosing the Right Platform
Written by Deborah Sinensky
December 2013

Platforms that get the job done

One of the biggest hurdles that many equipment and safety managers may come across when using safety equipment such as ladders, scaffolds, and elevated platforms, is finding one that truly gets the job done. When I say “gets the job done” I am not just speaking about limitations of the equipment’s capability, but actually the longevity, usability, convenience, and productivity the equipment itself is able to provide. Because lets be honest here, no one wants to spend X amount of dollars on a piece of equipment that will only be used once and won’t actually provide their shop guys with the most efficient means of completing a job.

Options, options, options….

While some companies may say “GO BIG OR GO HOME”, others may be more price conscious due to budget restrictions and have to work within their means. In my opinion there are two pieces of safety equipment that are guaranteed to get the job done, with each on different ends of the price spectrum.

1 – the scissor lift – as many of you are probably aware a scissor lift is a great option for a number of reasons. They provide mobility, adjustable height settings, safety, stability, and longevity. However, the only negatives I associate with scissors lifts is the fact that they have to constantly be charged limiting how far and how long they are able to be used, and the actual price of a scissor lift. On average scissor lifts are priced between 7,xxx – 35,xxx / unit but some think it’s ability to accomplish a task effectively and efficiently pays for itself.

2 – the X-Deck – on the other end of the spectrum, the X-Deck might just be what you are looking for. The average price of the X-Deck falls between $1000 – $5000 while still providing most, if not all, of the features that a scissor lift provides. The X-Deck is a mix between a ladder and a scaffold. With just highlighting the key features, the X-Deck is a safety platform that has a ladder built into the side, that is assembled right out of the box (including being OSHA compliant from the start). It is made of an extremely strong but lightweight aluminum metal that makes the deck super strong but completely portable.   While some safety managers might think “well, I need a platform that will give me the option for different height settings”, the X-Deck is able to provide adjustable height settings with 7″ increments. All of their models ranging from 15 inches to 7 feet in height. One of the best safety features that I’ve come to love about the X-Deck is the fact that all of their decks and accessories are fully customizable. Working in a nuclear plant makes it difficult, especially when choosing a safety platform that is able to meet our requirements due to the demanding application. However with the guard rails, work trays, tie-downs, etc., offered by SafeTec, all of our X-Decks have been nothing short of amazing and hands the safest option we’ve have worked with.

If you are looking for a piece of equipment that miximizes productivity, safety, and convenience in the shop, the X-Deck is probably what you are looking for. It is quick to set up (within seconds), lightweight to the point where you can lift it with a finger, strong enough to put a car on top of, and made for one guy to carry but four guys to work on top of. It is on the cheaper end which pays for itself in the long run with how much time and money you will be saving with other options