Ladder/Scaffold Platform

Commercial versions are used for a various applications around the shop depending on the industry. Our decks have been servicing jet engines (under the wing) on aircraft. It gives mechanics a stable platform and eliminates bulky scaffolding. Its an ideal solution for anyone in the aviation industry looking for safe hardware.

The X-Deck sets up quickly and easily. Great anti-tip design offers the stability that step ladders, extension ladders, and most specialty ladders lack. A spring assist makes setup easy.

Anti-tilt design is more stable than a regular ladder or specialty ladder — less likelihood of an accident. Work comfortably with better footing at a more comfortable height. Beats traditional and specialty ladders for safety and versatility.

It’s light (and very portable) at only 24 lbs. The deck surface is 3.6′ by 13.5″ with an active work area of over 6 feet! Adjusts in height from 18′ inches to almost 4 ft in height. Aggressive tread pattern on deck surface to eliminate slipping. When collapsed, the steps form a natural handle making it easy to carry.

Here’s a link to the company’s web site:

And here is a video showing how easy it is to set up and use.