Flatbed Truck Work Platforms

Custom Portable Work Platforms: Introductions for Flatbed Truck Drivers

Other than the risk of having an accident while driving, one of the biggest hazards flatbed truck drivers face on the job is during loading and unloading. This is simply relative to the fact that most flatbed trucks don’t offer much to help you safely access the load on the back without climbing around or taking high steps to get on the trailer. For this reason, carrying a custom portable work platform with you could be one of the best decisions you make as a flatbed truck driver. Here is a quick look at a few of the most common questions about these mobile platforms and their value in the flatbed trucking industry.

What exactly is a custom portable work platform?

A custom portable work platform is a mobile platform, usually fitted with wheels, that can be set up and locked in place to reach specific heights so certain tasks can be performed on a stable surface. Some mobile work platforms have a basic ladder to climb to the platform itself with handrails along the sides for added safety during climbing up and down. Some mobile work platforms are outfitted with a set number of stairs to reach a designated height.

Wouldn’t the custom work platform take up valuable space on the bed of the trailer?

One of the biggest reasons these work platforms are fitting for the trucking industry is that they are so lightweight, maneuverable, and portable. Many models can actually be compacted much like a ladder because they are outfitted with hinges. This means that even though the portable platforms are small already, they can be even further compacted and carried along with a load, strapped to the underside of the trailer, or even in placed in a cargo-storage area in the cab of the truck if necessary.

What are the advantages of having a portable work platform during loading and unloading?

The primary advantage of having a custom platform that can be situated right against the bed of the trailer is the fact that reaching the load will no longer be a strenuous feat, which means there will be less likelihood of someone receiving an injury during loading and unloading efforts. However, the overall time efficiency of loading, unloading, and securing loads will also be an advantage when you have a portable work platform because you will spend less time struggling to get on and off the trailer.

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