Flex Technology


Ever work long hours on a ladder / stairs / scaffold / or any hard surface such as concrete? Ever notice that your feet and back begin to hurt from standing on the surface after hours of manual labor? Have these discomforts ever led to a decrease in productivity to you or your workers? Or better yet, have you ever had to visit your physician to have your feet, back, or knees checked out due to concern of potential injury?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are among 63% of the labor workforce that have experienced issues such as these (CCOHS). Harlan Anderson, Precor’s director of operations, said the key to being able to work efficiently, effectively, and safely over a 10-hour shift is having the right equipment and comfortable standing and working environments, which he regularly evaluates. “Safety is a big deal,” said Anderson.

One of the biggest alternatives that companies have been running towards are anti-fatigue mats. These offer a number of benefits that workers receive, especially when working for long periods of time. However, anti-fatigue mats can be seen as a unwanted and unnecessary cost for some organizations that don’t want to shell out the extra money just to make workers more comfortable. When working with large crews that are performing a large number of jobs every day, the cost to accommodate these workers can get rather pricey.

Rather than buy additional equipment to accompany the equipment already being used, what if there was equipment available on the market today that offers the safety feature already built into the original equipment?  

A little over 10 years ago, SafeTec introduced the X-Deck, along with one of its key features, its Flex Technology. The Flex Technology is a simple concept that gives the X-Deck a softer touch to the worker’s feet when working on top of due to the loaded springs and lightweight design. This gives workers the ability to work off the decks for extended periods of time without putting overwhelming stress on the workers back or feet. It was designed to provide comfort and reduce fatigue while relieving and preventing body pain focused in the feet, knees, and back areas.  The benefits from the Flex Technology are outstanding and completely measurable, as it decreases downtown and risk of injury while increasing worker productivity and comfort.

Looking for more information on the X-Deck’s Flex Technology?  Well you can try one out for yourself for 30 days at no charge!  Speak to one of our product specialists and they can tell you more about the Flex Technology and all of the X-Decks features!