Helping Workers Across the World

There is a reason why the XDeck is an award winning safety platform and is being recognized as one of the go-to’s for many companies looking for a platform loaded with features and benefits that surpass any platform ladders, low-level scaffolds, or stairs.

With any piece of equipment comes limitations and frustrations that make a simple task or project become more strenuous work than needs to be. Since the XDeck has been released by SafeTec over 10 years ago, our primary focus has been to relieve workers of those obstacles by designing a platform that caters to all and has no boundaries.

Now being used in 30+ countries across the world, the XDeck has become an important part in getting the job done while providing safety beyond standard requirements. Whether you are looking to finish a simple job in the house such as re-modeling, painting, or renovating, or you are a company needing a platform for maintenance on aircrafts or outages at your nuclear plant, the XDeck will meet any requirement and hold up in any demanding environment.

Between its light weight design, adjustable height settings, flex technology, and safety features that meet OSHA compliance guidelines, the XDeck will give save you time and money while helping you finish the job quicker and with less stress.

When we say the XDeck is truly designed for any application, we mean just that. We recently received an email from a customer of ours in Bulgaria that have received our decks and are already putting them to use, stating that “the workers have never worked off a platform that has made their job this easy than the XDeck”. Take a look at their work:

If you are currently working with other platforms or ladders, you should ask about checking out the X-Deck for a 30 day trial, at no charge. The multi-functional design and versatility just may be what you’ve been needing. Saving workers time and companies money, the X-Deck is guaranteed to reduce risk of injury, give users more time to work and less time setting up,and decrease the amount of time it takes to complete a job.

That is why the X-Deck has become a leading choice among consumers in all industries. With every X-Deck being used, an injury is prevented, and a project completed sooner.