When it comes to aviation and aerospace platforms, no ones knows the industry better than SafeTec and AllStands. We were first introduced to the aviation industry by Chris Seaman whose first project in the industry was for the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). This project was the beginning of a whole new focus for the two companies, as many doors with some of the biggest players in the game began to open.

As companies began to quickly turn away from traditional, large, robust platforms, they began to move to a more quality platform that is highly efficient, multi-functional and extremely versatile. This all started with Lockheed Martin who was needing a smaller customized stand for engine maintenance on their C5M aircrafts. Instantly, the X-Deck was a success. The platform had adjustable height settings, scalability allowing to fit larger and smaller aircrafts, as well as structural strength, integrity, and durability. The X-Deck meets all OSHA safety compliance guidelines as well as military and general safety standards.

The X-Deck and AllStands’ customized platforms are currently being used by companies such as the US Air Force, Boeing, Cessna, Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, UPS, etc. Accessories such as the modular cage handrails,bumper padding, wide rungs, and wheel kits have created numerous options for companies to maximize safety and productivity. The most popular customized platform being used by aviation companies is the SUPER-B.