Maximize Your X-Deck

How To Get The Most of Your X-Deck

Just received your X-Deck? Ready to set it up and put it to use?  

If SafeTec isn’t hand delivering your deck and explaining some of the tips and tricks to get the most out of it, please use this as your guide. The X-Deck was designed to help you get the most out of your team by providing them with the safest and most functional equipment to get the job done.

Carry Mode: Before erecting the deck, you will notice that the height adjustable pin is placed in the last hole of the deck and secured with an R-clip. Make sure that whenever you are re-collapsing the deck to put the PIN back into that very hole, slide it through the sleeve, and out of the outside hole while lastly securing the R-clip. Due to the decks loaded springs, this will prevent the deck from popping open when carrying it by fastly securing the deck in its most portable position.

Handrails: As you’ve probably already have noticed, certain accessories such as the modular cage handrail and the plank do not come assembled. The reason for this is because those accessories can be used at the user’s discretion, allowing him/her to set it up according to the job site. Before placing the handrails onto your X-Deck, we advise you to raise the deck to waist height then place both of the outside rails in first before placing the inside and outside rails. We do this because the side rails have pins that match up with holes on inner and outer rails, securing the hand rails in place. Don’t forget: the rail closest to the stairs has hinges that allow the user to slide the rail up and down when entering the decks’ cage.

Plank: The plank is one of the easiest accessories to assemble, as you will only need two decks at the same height to complete the accessory. Both decks need to be placed 8ft to 10ft away from each other (depending on which deck you have), with the clip at the planks end going through the hole at the end of the deck. Do not forget to lock the plank in place by re-securing the clip.. This will need to be done on both ends of the deck for the deck to be fully functional and completely safe.

Flex Technology: One of the biggest concerns we hear from customers usually ends up being their most favorite feature, and that is the flex technology. The Flex Technology was designed to give the deck a little “give” when walking on the platform – do not fear – this cushion is due to the industrial springs  giving the deck a soft feel on the worker’s feet. This “unstable” or “loose” feel does not affect the decks functionality or safety by any means, but rather allows the worker to work off the platform for longer periods of time by putting less stress on their feet and back.

That’s all the tips and tricks we have for you now. As SafeTec continues to grow and as we continue to improve our X-Deck safety work platform, we will roll out more ways you can get the most out of your X-Deck!