Nuclear Plant Accessories

Within the last few years, SafeTec has been making a large impact within the nuclear / energy industry by customizing and now offering decks and accessories for various applications within the plant, including power outages.

We are currently working with over 16+ power plants across the United States, many of which have been regularly ordering every year for next years outage. The reason for this is because the XDECK is an “Already Assembled Scaffold” that can be set up within seconds, allowing maintenance teams to get in and out of radioactive areas quickly, ultimately saving the plant millions of dollars every outage.

SafeTec has commissioned a Six Sigma Black Belt to conduct a scientific study and research on the DOSE savings of using the XDeck compared to other low-level scaffolding equipment which will be published later this year.


Some of the decks and accessories we’ve designed for the Nuclear industry are listed below:

  • Wide Rungs – our larger version of the steps are nearly double in size providing more stability for the worker when walking up as well as a flatter step due to the rungs being angled according to foot placement

  • Kick Plates – 4.5″ plate built into the modular cage handrails designed to prevent any objects falling off the deck at any given height

  • Adjustable Support Anchor – built in adjustable clasp for anchoring decks to support rods in plant floor

  • 8ft Plank w/ “JOE” Pockets – planks can connect 2x 18″ decks to create 20ft of walking platform and are designed with 2″ round scaffolding pockets for wider rails

  • Custom Gate / Guardrails – designed for the decks using detachable ladders rather than the built in side steps that can be accessed from multiple areas of the deck

  • Seismic Tie-Down – built in tie-downs that can be anchored to the floor to secure the deck in position

  • 18″ platform w/ adjustable support anchor and 2″ scaffolding pockets
  • XDeck Cart – designed to carry 3 – 4 XDecks and their accessories with straps securing the decks in place. The wheels are made with a solid rubber for tough turrain with an anchored break petal
  • 2 Step 18″ Deck – with a minimum height of 15″ and a maximum of 38″, the 2 Step 18″ was designed with all of features of our larger decks but customized for shorter heights and more portability

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