Save You Time & Money

X-Decks Save You Time & Money

A recent article was published by one of SafeTecs largest customers in the Nuclear Energy field that focuses on the impact the X-Deck safety work platform will have on the job site, as well as the increased safety, versatility, and efficiency the plant will achieve through their use over traditional ladders and scaffolds.

The Florida based company originally brought on the X-Decks for a few simple reasons: to save time, effort, and money. These goals are able to be achieved by completely erasing the time it takes it takes to erect traditional scaffolds around the jobsite as well as allowing one worker to carry and set up an X-Deck long before a traditional scaffold can be completed. The goal here, as they put it, is long term savings.

The head technician at the energy plant was quoted as saying “I really like these platforms because they are portable and easy to set up and ease. We can save a tremendous amount of time spent putting up a scaffold in some situations. There are safety benefits as well such as less opportunity for dropped scaffold poles and less dose inside the RCA”. Due to the fact that X-Decks are OSHA compliant from the start and meet fall requirements, the decks make it easier to maintain 3-points contact unlike most ladders or platforms.

When you think about the amount of time and money spent on building, setting up, inspecting, tagging, and breaking down scaffolds, it becomes quite easier and clearer to see the amount of savings and the type of value the X-Deck can provide.