Upcoming: Nuclear DOSE Report

Nuclear DOSE Report in Progress
Published on October 18th, 2017
Written by SafeTec Marketing

SafeTec has commissioned a Six Sigma Black Belt (6SBB) to research, analyze, and facilitate a large-scale nuclear project that will produce a DOSE report showing how much downtime, cost savings, and productivity the nuclear plant will achieve through use of the X-Deck safety work platforms compared to standard low-level scaffolds and ladders during their nuclear outage.

Many nuclear facilities have been using a standardized process that has experienced little change throughout the years since every aspect of the application and equipment has to be thoroughly taken into consideration. During a typical nuclear outage every minute to every second of downtime and productivity will make a world of a difference in cost savings, as every minute of downtime could mean the loss of millions of dollars.

Factors such as how long the equipment takes to be set up and certified to meet safety compliancy guidelines, the amount of time it takes workers to complete a task using each piece of equipment and the overall risk of injury and accident on the work floor will be measured to show just how much time and money nuclear facilities are saving by utilizing the X-Deck work platform compared to their outdated outage process.

Multiple nuclear sites have agreed to participate in the DOSE study for the their next upcoming outage, giving them the chance to see how much of a difference one safety platform can make in an entire industry.

The Nuclear Outage DOSE Report will be released early 2018.  

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