5-28 Nuclear

The 5 Step 28″ on its height setting of 6ft. Deck Size is 5.5ft x 28″


The 5 Step 28″ Model on a lower height setting


One way to make your X-Deck seismic is the industrial grade tie downs.


Every Nuclear model comes with two Scaffold knuckles that can be moved to 8 different spots around the deck.

On all 4 corners of the nuclear model you will find 2″ round pockets where you can build your own handrails out of traditional scaffolding.

The nuclear models have a lot of standard hardware upgraded to Stainless Steel just like the knob on the rung safety handrail.

The 5-28 comes with hinged legs that allow you to get the X-Deck into a small elevator.

The 5-28 Comes standard with pneumatic tires on our custom wheel kit.

The 5-28 comes standard with a dolly to easily move your X-Deck around.