Safety & Innovation

Strength, stability and safety. These words accurately describe the Allstands Work Platforms™. These lightweight, one-piece, anti-tilt, portable platforms are height adjustable and set up fast and easy. Why settle for old-fashioned ladders, scaffolding or complicated and heavy specialty ladders? Also, our anti-tip design offers the stability that step ladders, extension ladders, and most specialty ladders lack. The spring assist makes setup easy. Work longer with less fatigue and at a more comfortable height and footing than traditional and specialty ladders. Invest in Safety – Allstands X-Deck Platform™ / Ladder Scaffolding.


From a survey of users, we found that most people save from 20 minutes to 3 hours per day by switching to the Allstands work Platforms. Using a shop rate of $50.00/hr., and using the low estimate of 20 minutes per day, the portable platform would create a saving of $4100/yr. per platform \ ladder scaffold. Even factoring in employee’s cost (at minimum wage) and overhead, your yearly savings would normally be between $1200-$2500 per year by using the Allstands Platform™. Note: The Allstands Platforms normally outlast traditional ladders by up to 10 times. In addition, your added safety of this platform will normally reduce work mans compensation and other related injury costs.

Injuries and Workman’s Compensation

Ladder injuries are hard to track and some result in death. The insurance industry have estimated over 600 people a year die in North America alone from ladder falls and over 240,000 people are taken to emergency rooms with serious injuries. With the proper use of the Allstands platforms we can practically eliminate these deaths and injuries. The Allstands Platforms™ are Certified, Tested, and Proven. They comply with OSHA, ANSI and CSA International Standards.

Factory Recommended Training and Inspections

Allstands highly recommends that whomever is operating the X-Deck understands how to use the X-Deck as well as performs visual inspections before use.

Please click here for detailed instructions on Recommended Factory Training and Inspections.

OSHA Step Ladder