The SafeTec XDeck Platform is far more versatile than conventional step ladders. It does most jobs safer and faster. It allows workers to perform more and better quality work with less fatigue.

More Stability
Won’t tip under normal use.
All 4 Feet of the Platform establish themselves on soft ground.
Wide Platform vs ladder rung
Workers are far less likely to fall.

Better Grip
Super grip tread, not available on step ladders.

More Work Space

More Work Area Covered
Workers move the ladder 75% less to cover the same work area.

More Space for Tools and Materials
Platforms can accommodate large tools and parts.

Better for Workers Feet and Back
Workers can stand erect and have feet on flat surface.
Standing on a platform vs. rungs
Less workman’s compensation claims.

Work Closer to Job and at desired height level

Two Workers can work off one ladder

The X-DeckPlatform lasts several times longer
Plus you get the best warranty
(18 months warranty vs. most step ladders 30 day warranty)

The X-Deck Platform has a Safety Rail

The X-Deck Platform is more versatile
Workers can attach planks in 8 different places on the work platform.
This will accommodate more work space, thus, more versatility to meet space and needs.