A sales pitch for an X-Deck

Here is some information on our award winning safety platform, the X-Deck, that you saw at the NSC tradeshow.

The units models we had at the show were the: 5 Step 36″ double wide platform (worker stood on top of), 6 Step 18″ and our 3 Step Infomercial platform (Chris was demonstrating).

Compared to other platforms and low-level scaffolds you might be using, you will see on our website that all of our X-Decks are:

  • Always assembled out of the box allowing set up within seconds
  • OSHA compliant from the start requiring no inspections and less paperwork
  • Mobile and portable giving the workers more time to work and less time having to break down and re-setup equipment
  • Flex Technology allows workers to use decks for extended periods of time, reducing stress on their feet and back
  • Adjustable height settings allow 7″ increments between height placement
  • Designed with safety accessories such as Guard Rails, Work Trays, Wide Steps, Rung Safety Bar, etc.

Our most popular decks are the 6 Step 18″ platform and the 5 Step 36″ across all industries and for all applications.  Please keep in mind we are able to fully customize any of our decks and accessories, including a detachable ladder that can be used on any side of the deck, double wide steps, kick plates, etc.

We are doing a special promotion that includes sending any model X-Deck with any of our accessories for 30 days at no charge for your shop guys to try out and compare to some of the current equipment being used.  At the of the 30 days you can decide to keep it or send it back.

If interested I can send you the main point of contact’s information for any of the other energy facilities we are currently working with that use any of our decks and accessories, just let me know.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need further information or more pictures of any of the units/accessories.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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