Bill Dance photoshoot – Photography and Videography

The X-Deck is often used for photographers and videography. The X-Deck is lighter than a ladder so it is easier to carry around. Plus it allows the photographer or videographer to stand comfortably on an elevated platform. Bill Dance’s videographer uses his X-Deck on the fishing boat as it is driving around. The X-Deck even on a rocking boat will not tip and makes getting the shot easy as possible.

Photography is great on an X-Deck, because you can get the shot above the crowd. Photographers will often use a tripod or monopod when working off of an X-Deck. The X-Deck is very comfortable to stand on – so if you are watching an entire football game – you will feel comfortable on the deck of an X-Deck. Live action sports shooting requires a stand that is easy to move around, allows you freedom to move around on the work stand platform capturing your shot safely, and strong enough for multiple people and equipment.

We have even had large sports networks buy the 5-36 to set it up in front of a crowd of people and have their announcers sit on top of the deck of the work stand. We have seen up to 4 people in chairs and a small table set up on the deck of an X-Deck. This reduces set up time, because prior to this, they would have to set up scaffolding an entire day in advance. Now they can get to the game and set up in minutes.

Hollywood and film crews have used the X-Deck to get shots above a crowd. The X-Deck is a great tool for jobs on the move, because the X-Deck can fold flat for easy storage. If you have a truck or a van, the X-Deck can easily fit in the back.

We have had news crews use the X-Deck safety work platform to get photographs at news events.




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