The X-Deck Success Story – LHRA Equipment Tank Room – Nuclear Power

Chris Seaman Jr


I recently had the privileged of watching the X-Deck in use in a locked high radiation area at a nuclear plant in Florida. The original plan was to build a 6ft scaffold in an area that had been putting out high radiation. The scaffold builders had already practiced building the scaffold outside so they knew they had the hundreds of components they needed to build the scaffold. The original plan was for 4 guys to enter the room and spend an hour and fifteen minutes building the scaffold and making is seismic.

Then they decided to use their X-Deck. The lightweight, safety award winning, pop open, safety work platform.

Now only the X-Deck and the 4 handrails needed to be brought into the LHRA. Two men went into the LHRA and a third man stayed outside the room and fed them one by one the 4 handrails. The RP stayed outside the room and told the scaffold builders to stay away from certain hot spots. It ended up being a massive success. The total job only took eight minutes.

Here is the detailed breakdown from the work order:

Total dose for scaffold ( X-Deck) installed the LHRA Equipment Tank Room

MS = 6.3 Mrem

RP = 3.0 mrem

Total Job 9.3

Regular scaffold install > 100 mrem (estimated )

Break down of install

2 mins to erect deck and Handrails

6 mins to make X-Deck Seismic compliant

Total install time 8 minutes


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