Over twenty years ago, Chris Seaman, Sr. became involved in the transportation and trucking industry. He offered a new type of heating system for trucks and trailers. His heaters were called Safetec Heaters and they became the main trailer heater for the trucking industry in North America. Westinghouse Electric bought this product line from Safetec and several years later sold it to Ingersoll-Rand. Today, Ingersoll-Rand is still producing this heater and selling it all over the world. Chris stayed involved with Westinghouse and Ingersoll-Rand with this product for seven years before moving into other areas of the transportation industry.

During the above time Chris found another need, namely work platforms for the truck service centers. Even the most advanced shops had poor or no platforms. The platforms they did have were generally large, bulky, non-adjustable and inefficient. The trucking industry needed work platforms to make their employees and work places safer and more efficient. Chris along with some engineers started designing work platforms in 1999. Then in 2001 they discovered a platform design overseas that, with some additions and modifications, could fill this need in the trucking industry. This new design became the Safetec Platform. In 2002 Chris Seaman, to further develop and take to market this new type of work platform, formed Safetec Enterprises™. It’s corporate offices and warehouse are located in Bardstown, Kentucky.

During test marketing, Chris discovered numerous industries and homeowners who found the Safetec Platforms efficient, easy to use and the best choice for them. The Safetec Platforms have already sold throughout the United States with many nationally known companies using them. They have been sold into many diverse industries such as: schools, apartments, hotels, restaurants, farming, landscaping, trucking, automotive, photography, sporting, construction, painting, aviation, stores, military, home use and many more.

The Safetec Platforms are available through numerous dealers and direct from our corporate headquarters. The revolutionary Safetec platforms are quickly becoming the ladder / platform of choice in the United States and throughout the world.

In 2008 SafeTec launched its first advertising campaign—a National TV Infomercial.