The patented X-Deck by Safetec is a new product on the market that is unlike any other product currently available. It is difficult to classify because it is a hybrid of scaffolding, platforms, and a ladder.

We are currently classified as scaffolding. Currently the largest platform we make has a maximum height just under 6ft.

Depending on the industry fall protection generally begins at 10ft. We go above and beyond with our variety of handrails that come standard with our platforms. We even make handrails so you can be fully enclosed.

The use of toe boards is a common question. Toe Boards are generally used to keep items from falling and hitting people on the head. The need for toe boards generally begins at 10ft.

Someone walking up or down the platform will always have 3-points of contact between the deck, the stairs, the handrail, and even the built in hand hold.

SafeTec recommends using the platform with the handrail behind you and your work in front of you. This creates a cage around your work. People often forget that you need arm space to work. If you were to paint a wall you would not put your toes on the wall and begin work. In the same way, people often move the platform back off their work so they can comfortably walk on and off the platform and to be a comfortable working distance away from the job at hand.

We have heavy duty rubber feet on our platforms to provide safety as well as an aggressive tread that prohibits slips even with a wet surface.

Our platforms are the best quality and our Industrial platforms are built for years of daily use.

These Platforms have been examined, tested and certified by the following: E Access Co, Burrett & Assoc – Design Consultants, Materials, and Testing Laboratories Ltd. – Certification of Test no. 7534.1 and by BOGDONOV PAO Associates Ltd. – Structural Engineers. In addition, the platforms have been tested for over 5 years in the field.

Fabrication is carried out by certified welders. The high tensile extrusion aluminum and tread plate is of the highest grades and quality.

Structural Welding:
All the materials that are used in the manufacturing of the X-Deck Platform and its accessories, meet or exceed the specifications as stated by the American Institute of Steel Construction (1996 edition); also, all welding operations meet or exceed the specifications defined by the American Welding Society.

It is always recommended to check your Federal, State, and Local Codes on all ladder, platform or scaffolding use.